Slip AND Fall

Seth Michael Goldstein To Protect Your Rights in Premise Liability

Seth Michael Goldstein can assist you to fight for your rights if you were in a slip and fall accident. Many of us simply laugh of such incidents and file them away as accidents. However, did you know that you have legal rights that are protected by the law? These types of incidents should not be happening as they have been proven to be dangerous and even fatal in the past.

Laws are there to protect your rights and Seth Michael Goldstein attorney is here to help you fight for your rights. With us on your sides we can help you seek compensation for injuries, trauma, medical expenses and even lost wages. There are many ways that a simple trip and fall accident can disrupt your entire life. Especially with elderly people such accidents can deem to be fatal as well.

You might not know but it is the responsibility of a private property owner to ensure that there are no potential risks at his property. After a snow storm it is the duty of a private property owner to clear off the snow within 4 hours of it stopping. However, many such property owners are negligent and prefer tripping people than being upstanding citizens.

There are officials who are responsible for maintaining safe conditions on public establishments. Seth Michael Goldstein attorney can help you seek help if you were involved in a trip and fall accident.

The most important factor in our experience at Seth Michael Goldstein lawyer in any trip and fall accident is to prove negligence and establish liability. There are three ways that this can be proved.

A property owner can create dangerous conditions on purpose or unknowingly that caused a trip and fall. A property owner can also be aware of the conditions that have led to your fall. The third way that a trip and fall can be proved is in a situation when the condition existed for a long time.

Whatever the condition is, if you have found yourself or your loved ones to be the victim of a negligent slip and fall accident give us a call at the law office of Seth Michael Goldstein. We can help you stand up for your rights and seek compensation for the duress you have undergone. Do not laugh off such incidents as negligence should never go unpunished and it is your right as per law to get the compensation you deserve.