About Us

The law offices of Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney have been in operation for decades. We do not just believe in representing you. We believe in getting you the justice you deserve. Founded by Seth Michael Goldstein with a vision to help victims get the justice they deserve.

As a law firm we believe in representing you with care and compassion. At Seth Michael Goldstein Lawyer you do not have to worry about getting your case stuck in the court dates. We believe in fast and efficient resolution of case to get you the compensation you need.

Over the years Seth Michael Goldstein has gained a name for us in the field of injury law. The state of New York treats all citizens equally. If you are the victim of an accident or if you have been wrongfully judged then we are there to help you.

Every case is treated as a priority at the office of Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney. Our lawyers will devote individual attention to all the specifications and nuances of your case before representing you. We understand that many injury cases can be sorted outside of judicial system.

This is why we have an effective in-house mediation team as well. Our mediators will help you resolve your issues as a victim and if needed get you a deserved compensation. In mediation we will be present throughout to guide you and advice you about the best way to handle a situation.

With Seth Michael Goldstein Lawyer you can be assured of exemplary service and customer satisfaction. We take care of our clients with utmost devotion and compassion. Many times people ignore accidents and move on with their lives only to avoid legal hassles. However, Seth Michael Goldstein is here to help you change that notion.

With us you would see that the whole process of filing and working an injury case is made simple and hassle free. Next time you fall in front of a store or a house because the owner was negligent, do not brush off the dust and laugh off the incident.

Get in touch with Seth Michael Goldstein Attorney at your service and make a difference to your lives. Negligence is punishable under the law and it is your right that you deserve compensation and justice. Call us today for a free consultation where we can advise you about your case and individual situation.